Find the Best High School Romance Anime

If you like romantic anime series, we believe that you are bound to fall in love with the high school romance sub-genre! As expected, this style focuses on stories set in schools, and has surprised so many fans with intricacy and amazing storytelling techniques.

Best High School Romance Anime

Therefore, we decided to embark on a lengthy journey and find you the best high school romance anime. Our quest yielded five champions, each of whom is worthy of that flattering title. So buckle up, it’s gonna be a wild ride!

Name the best school romance anime

– Ouran High School Host Club

Now this one has an intriguing story! “Ouran High School Host Club” introduces us to a boyish girl named Haruhi Fujioka who is a scholarship student at a very prestigious fictional school called Ouran Academy. She makes the mistake of breaking an incredibly expensive vase and is forced to clean to make up for the costs.

It is then that she gets sucked into a boys club for entertaining ladies, where she is mistaken for a boy and kept for exceptional abilities to keep women happy. Although her secret is soon revealed to individual boys, they all decide to keep it a secret, creating a complex web of lies, as well as funny and memorable situations. Love is of course what binds the entire story into one place, and we thoroughly recommend checking the series out to find out what happens next.

It’s best to get the DVD edition – in our opinion, at least – as it offers the most encompassing and budget-friendly solution for watching the whole series. Four DVDs, over 10 hour of pure entertainment, good stuff!


– Maid Sama!

“Maid Sama!” is frequently hailed as the champion of romance anime, and for a good reason, as this series delves into a variety of topics apart from anime, such as gender equality, class differences, social statuses, and much more.

It focuses on a girl named Misaki Ayuzawa, a student of Seika High, school that until recently only accepted male students. And while female students are now accepted, they are greatly outnumbered and the boys are coping to accept the change. Misaki takes a firm stance as the representative of the girls and fights for gender quality, becoming popular among the female crowd and teachers in general, but a bit unpopular among the boys for her firm, strict and determined attitude.

However, in order to help her family, the girl secretly works as a maid café. Her secret is safe until a very popular and handsome boy named Takumi Usui, a guy who is super successful in anything from sports to studies, enters the café in which Misaki works in and discovers her secret.

At that point, the plot truly thickens…


– Wolf Girl and Black Prince

Our next choice is “Wolf Girl and Black Prince,” the story of a girl who lies a lot about boyfriends. She goes by the name of Erika and has a peculiar habit of taking photos with random boys and telling her friends they’re her boyfriends. But one day, she makes the mistake of taking a photo with a boy from her school.

She begs him to play along with the act, and he says yes, but only to start blackmailing the girl and essentially making her his personal slave. However, funny things begin to happen as the boy – who goes by the name of Sata – actually starts being protective over Erika. The feelings of hate shift towards feelings of love, is there a chance for this odd romance to actually blossom? Watch the cool series and find out!


– My Little Monster

If you like odd pairs, you’ll love “My Little Monster”! This anime follows the story of two high school students who sit at the same desk – a girl named Shizuku Mizutani and a boy called Haru Yoshida.

Shizuku is very strict and focused on her education, while Haru is casual and rarely attends classes in the first place. Haru initially dislikes the boy and his tardy ways, but initially discovers how kind and passionate he is. She tries to resist it, but the boy’s innocence becomes almost irresistible. This one will teach you the values of tolerance and that golden rule saying “opposites attract.”

Will the two take the chances and go against the world or go their separate ways? This is not an easy journey, and it’s full of life lessons. Join the ride!


– Say “I love you”

Lacking social skills and desire to interact is a trait many kids tend to develop these days, and “Say ‘I love you'” can actually teach them some valuable lessons. The anime follows the story of Mei Tachibana, a very quiet and introvert girl who prefers spending her high school days alone and distanced from the world.

The reason why she acts this way is because of a childhood incident that left her unable to trust other people. She has a firm belief that everyone will walk out on you in life and that’s that.

However, a boy named Yamato Kurosawa becomes interested in Mei, kicking off a complex relationship that teaches the viewer about the ways of the world and how to take life head-on rather than avoid it. The relationship isn’t an easy one, but it’s certainly valuable. We recommend inspecting the feature more thoroughly for all the details.



Thus, in a nutshell, each of these features is a strong contestant for the flattering title of the best high school romance anime series. Now it is just a matter of jotting down your personal needs and preferences and singing out the one that you like the most.

You can’t go wrong here, but do search through the goods to find your perfect match. Highly recommended, nothing but a thumbs up from here!

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