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Find the Best High School Romance Anime

If you like romantic anime series, we believe that you are bound to fall in love with the high school romance sub-genre! As expected, this style focuses on stories set in schools, and has surprised so many fans with intricacy and amazing storytelling techniques. Therefore, we decided

Top 10 Best Romance Anime Series

If you happen to like anime stuff, but you’re also a sucker for engaging romance series, we have good news for ya, as the anime realm is actually packed with a variety of amazing love stories. Some might look at this stuff as silly cartoons, but there’s

Best Romcom Anime in 2016

Apart from producing some masterful horror, action, science fiction and plain weird series, the world of anima has also brought the world a string of memorable romantic comedies. That would be the very topic we would like to focus on right now and bring you the best