Best Romcom Anime in 2016

Apart from producing some masterful horror, action, science fiction and plain weird series, the world of anima has also brought the world a string of memorable romantic comedies. That would be the very topic we would like to focus on right now and bring you the best romcom anime in the world.

Best Romcom Anime 2016

We took on the arduous task of sifting through today’s market and all the romantic anime series out there, and while we enjoyed ourselves very much most of the time, the sheer volume and mass of these things did make us feel intimidated from time to time.

Anyhow, we found a variety of top-notch stuff, and it was quite difficult to narrow our choices down just to Top 3 products. But, after some serious consideration, we managed to do so, and would now like to proudly present our findings in the rundown below. Let’s do this!

Watch the best romcom anime

– Toradora!

The hero of the “Toradora!” story is a young high school guy called Ryuuji Takasu, who happens to be kind, sweet, and gentle. However, he also has one of the most ominous and spooky eyes you ever saw, making him greatly misunderstood in the community.

Ryuuji has a crush on a girl who goes by the name of Minori Kushieda, and becomes very happy at the beginning of the series upon finding out that she has been assigned to the same class as he. But as it often goes in life, things are far from ideal, and Minori’s best girl friend, Taiga Aisaka – a mean, spoiled girl who greatly dislikes our hero, also ends up in the same class.

Taiga will everything she can to spoil things for Takasu and make his life a living hell, and seeing that she comes from a wealthy family with great influence, there’s more to her powers than meets the eye.

But not everything is so dark because apart from Minori, the boy’s best friend Yusaku Kitamura is in that same class as well! And as we all know, nothing is impossible when you have your best buddy in the whole wide world to help you along.

So feel free to join this jolly gang and see how the journey continues. Will he get the girl? Well now, that is the big question, just press the play button, sit back and enjoy the ride!


– My Little Monster

If you are a fan of that golden rule about how “opposites attract,” you will most definitely be interested in the “My Little Monster” series. Directed by Hiro Kaburaki and written by Noboru Takagi, the anime tells the story of a boy and a girl.

The two go by the names of Shizuku Mizutani and Haru Yoshida. They are essentially polar opposites in terms of character, yet they end up sitting at the same desk during high school classes.

On one hand, Shizuku is a hard-working girl who is very driven, motivated and focused on making school her absolute No. 1 priority in life. She hates people who are too relaxed and who disregard school, and that is exactly what Haru is. Haru is rarely in class and he has a very laid back attitude towards life. But he is also honest, sweet and kind.

Although she dislikes him from the get-go, Shizuku starts finding the boy’s innocence attractive, irresistible even. Will the guy feel the same way about a girl who is a complete opposite of him? Buckle up, join the ride watch the series and find out!

For best viewing experience, we recommend getting a hold of the Complete Edition DVD and BluRay package. Loaded with over 300 minutes of footage, this version will bring you the true image of the series and keep you intrigued throughout every minute. There’s also paperback edition if you’re into reading, meaning that regardless of your personal preferences, an option will arise!


– The Pet Girl of Sakurasou

Finally, we would like to kindly draw your attention to “The Pet Girl of Sakurasou” series. This anime follows the story of a boy named Sorata Kanda, who is a good, hard working student that ends up in the notorious Sakura Dormitory.

This dormitory is the home of the troublemakers, and Sakura ended up in it by breaking the rules with keeping a stray cat in his previous room. Soon upon entering the Sorata Kanda, he is faced by Mashiro Shiina, a globally renowned artist who can’t even take care of herself and perform all the daily routines. She forgets to eat, brush her hair and even wear clothes!

Our hero ends up being forced to do a variety of tasks for the artist, almost reaching the point of becoming her slave.

This is a much more complex story than you might think, as it delves deep into the relationship between these two individuals, with engaging dialogues and intriguing content. How that relationship will progress is left for you to find out by watching the anime.

The series was directed by Atsuko Ishizuka and written by Mari Okada, featuring music by composer Yuzu Hayashi. To get started with the series, we recommend picking up the BluRay or DVD edition.

With four discs included, these will provide you with 600 minutes of content (that would be 10 whole hours), featuring everything you need to know about “The Pet Girl of Sakurasou.” If you are looking for the finest romantic comedy anime, there’s a solid chance that this one is your winning ticket.



So when all is said and combined, each of these features is worthy of the flattering title of best romcom anime out there. It is now just a matter of jotting down your personal needs and preferences and singling out the series that suits you the best.

You can also get all of them, and we guarantee you won’t regret it as long as romantic series are your thing. With all that stuff settled, feel free to proceed and buy one of these puppies as early as today, it could mark the beginning of a beautiful journey!

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