Best Anime to Watch this year

One of the most frequent questions we get as major anime fans we are is “What is the best anime to watch?” No matter if we encounter people looking to get into anime or folks who are seasoned anime-heads, this question is bound to pop up at some point during the conversation, and that would be the exact reason why we decided to make this little rundown.

Best Anime to Watch 2016

So, we sat and thank about what makes a fine anime, and what are those top notch series we can recommend to everyone no matter what their experience or stance towards anime stuff is.


Find me the best anime to watch!

Will do, sir or madam! So the main criteria we had in mind was to find shows that are objectively top level.

So we were looking for quality and engaging stories, high level illustrations, design and animation, interesting characters with intriguing dialogs you can relate to, and similar stuff. Of course, public acclaim, awards and high sales don’t hurt either, although those were NOT our main criteria.

Additionally, we did our best to give this Top 5 list a bit of a personal flavor and infuse it with our subjective taste to an extent. Don’t worry, we didn’t get too much carried away, and we’re pretty sure you’re going to like these pretty series! Anyhow, the list awaits below, make sure to check it out in full.


– Death Note

We’ll kick things off with the mighty “Death Note,” an occult detective psychological thriller that has a lot to offer. The series tells the story of a genius high school student named Light Yagami who finds a peculiar notebook known as the Death Note.

The notebook gives its user a staggering ability to instantly kill anyone whose name and face he or she knows. It turns out that the precious item was dropped by a godlike entity in the human realm simply out of boredom. Regardless, our hero plans to use the artifact for common good and rid the world of criminals and bad guys.

But as is often the case in life, things don’t go as planned, and a lot of complications occur in Light’s way. First off, he start getting followed by an Interpol agent who starts relentlessly snooping around, sensing that something isn’t right. Secondly, with great power comes great responsibility, and that is perhaps the single most valuable lesson of this entire anime.

The series was directed by Tetsurō Araki, written by Toshiki Inoue, and produced by Toshio Nakatani, Manabu Tamura and Masao Maruyama. It is targeted towards younger – mostly teen audiences, although everybody is more than welcome to join the ride.

To dive into this story, we recommend getting your hands on the Complete Set edition for a full 10-disc package featuring 850 minutes of content.


– Kaze no Stigma

If you’re up for some old school vibe and some good ole fantasy elemental magic, get a load of “Kaze no Stigma.” This series tells us the story of the Kannagi family and their oldest heir, Kazuma. The family has honed the power of Blaze Technique or Enjutsu, the ability to wield fire, for many generations, and the time has com for Kazuma to claim his spot as the heir by demonstrating the fire wielding power bestowed upon him.

However, our hero is unable to demonstrate these powers, and his family deems him a useless failure and a shame to the name of Kannagi. The 18-year-old’s father insists that he attempts to wield the family’s traditional sword Enraiha nevertheless, yet Kazuma miserably fails and ultimately gets defeated by his 14 year old brother.

Kazuma is banished for good and disappears for 4 years. When he is back, our hero is the master of the Wind Technique or Fūjutsu, granting him control to summon powerful winds to his aid. He is after his father and nobody else, yet strange things begin to happen, as several members of the family suddenly die from wind magic. Did Kazuma do this? Watch and find out for yourself.

A DVD edition of the series is available at a pretty fair and budget friendly price, and we thoroughly recommend checking it out. The package stretches out across four discs, featuring 576 minutes of content and some cool bonus footage to spice things up.


– Trigun

“Trigun” is the story of a man named Vash the Stampede, who happens to be on the run from a lot of people because he allegedly destroyed a lot of entire cities by blowing them up to the ground. The fact that his bounty has reached 60 billion double dollars speaks for itself on how wanted this man.

And on top of all that, he is constantly accompanied by two representatives of the Bernardelli Insurance Society – Meryl Stryfe and Milly Thompson. Those two follow our hero in his step to make sure that all that destruction is properly documented for their parent company.

Strangely enough, the damage doesn’t really come from Mr. Vash and those cities aren’t exactly destroyed by him, but rather by bounty hunters who relentlessly try to hunt him down.

Now the funny thing is that Vash can’t even remember the crime he supposedly committed as he suffers from retrograde amnesia. He merely gets occasional flashbacks from his past, especially childhood days.

This way, we get an insight into the depth of his character as the series progresses.  The culmination is of course of epic proportions, but we’re not going to post any spoilers here and let you enjoy the ride for yourself by watching the series, if you’re up for it of course.

Note that despite not being too successful upon initial release back in the ’90s, this is now one of the top-rated and most sought-out anime series on the internet, and that says a lot. We recommend the box set edition – it’s cheap and it has it all!


– Soul Eater

One of the things we appreciate as geeky individuals is when an anime series is lined up with a video game. There’s just something about having that ability to play through the stuff you just watched that makes us feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.

Anyhow, that’s exactly what “Soul Eater” does both with its structure and accompanying game. The anime tells us the story of Death Weapon Meister Academy, a school that is led by Shinigami, the god of death himself.

The institution works basically as a training facility for individuals who have the ability to transform themselves into powerful weapons, plus for folks who are capable of controlling those weapons. The controllers are also known in this world as meisters.

So every meister student’s primary goal is to defeat 99 evil humans in battle and absorb their souls via weapons. Once that task is completed, the weapons get a level up and ultimately reach the top level where they are honored to become a “death scythe,” a super deadly tool that Death himself can wield in battle.

The DVD edition of the series comes with a pretty affordable price for a hefty number of 8 discs and a whopping total of 1275 minutes. This is one heck of a ride, so you better buckle up!


– Sword Art Online

And speaking of game-related anime series, we are big fans of “Sword Art Online.” This anime entirely takes place in a virtual MMORPG world involving 10,000 gamers who are excited to log into a brand new Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (VRMMORPG) called Sword Art Online (SAO). As soon as they are in the game, they come to a shocking realization that there is no way out and that they are trapped inside the game.

The only way out is reaching the 100th floor of the ominous and treacherous castle and defeating the final boss. To make things really tricky, death in the game results with death in real life. How the players will cope and whether or not anyone will find a way out is left for you to find out.

With a DVD edition of the series, you’ll be getting two discs with 175 minutes of footage. These discs are very much in demand, so if you’re interested and you actually stumble upon one, experts say that you better buy it because who knows when they’ll appear next time.



Thus, in a nutshell, each of these bad boys is worthy of consideration when answering the question of “What is the best anime to watch?” Each series packs its own unique vibe and character, quality storytelling, top level animation, and just hours upon hours of guaranteed fun.

Now it is just up to you to jot down your personal needs and preferences and single out the title you like the most.

Once that is out of the way, feel free to treat yourself with any of these bad boys as early as today! The exciting world of anime awaits, and you now have the keys. Use them wisely.

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