Best Anime in the World – Our review

Ever since Japanese artists brought the idea of anime upon this world many decades ago, the whole concept has grown to an amazing worldwide phenomena with millions of passionate followers around the globe.Best Anime in the World 2016

Everyone at least knows what anime is these days, and if you happen to be interested in becoming the fan of this fine art, we invite you to join us for a rundown of the best anime in the world.

This was not an easy task, especially jotting down just three out of hundreds of cool features out there. But we did our best, and are now quite excited to present you with the results.

Name the best anime in the world

Absolutely! First a few words about our criteria: first an foremost, we did inject our subjective opinions into this rundown simply because we wanted to give it our personal stamp.

But we didn’t go too far either, and made sure that each of the shows featured here fulfills a list of objective criteria.

These include quality storytelling, engaging characters, compelling dialogues, quality animation and directing, and more. Now that we clarified that, let’s proceed to the list in the section below!

 – Naruto

We’ll kick things off with a bonafide classic – the mighty Naruto! Written by Masashi Kishimoto, this anime takes us for a ride through the life journey of young ninja Naruto Uzumaki and his never-ending battle to receive recognition and become one of the all-time greats.

Between 2002 and 2007, the original series changed the world, and its 220 episodes are a must see for every anime aficionado.

At the very beginning of this journey, Naruto’s father dies in combat and seals a fox inside his son. In a strange twist of events, Naruto is cast out from the ninja community, and left with no choice but to prove himself worthy of return. This means a lot of combat and a lot of emotional struggle, as well as a very entertaining and engaging series.

From looks to characters, Naruto changed is a genuine revolutionary series. We don’t want post any spoilers here, but believe us when we say it that you are up for a wild ride.

We recommend starting with the Vol. 1 set, its 6 discs and a running time of about 650 minute. If you’re looking an answer for the question of what is the best series to start watching anime, this one just might be it.

– Supernatural: The Anime Series

If you want to delve into the world of anime with something familiar and adapt to the new world, how about “Supernatural,” the anime edition? We’re talking about the globally renowned series, of course, only adapted in the anime world.

This means we are looking at those same two brothers on their quest to hunt monsters and demons attempting to ruin our world. We have to point out that the adaptation was done quite smoothly, keeping the traditional values and charm of the series, but still infusing with a distinctive fresh stamp.

If you haven’t watched the original series, this will be an amazing ride, but even if you did, the anime version is exciting enough to give you a whole new perspective. In any case, you’ll enjoy it very much!

For kicking this journey off, we recommend getting your hands on the DVD edition. With three discs, 22 episodes and 484 minutes of content, it will keep you on the edge of your seat and yearning for more. Seeing that scenes of graphic violence are included, this show is not recommended for persons under the age of 14.

What we like about this series very much is how low on filler it is. WE watched the whole thing through and those 8+ hours just went by in a flash. That’s what entertainment in 2016 should be all about, and we therefore wholeheartedly recommend giving “Supernatural” a spin or two. Good stuff!

– My Neighbor Totoro

Launched way back in 1988, “My Neighbor Totoro” is one of the most legendary and instantly recognizable anime features around the globe. Unlike many series present out there, this one is an actual movie, and a very successful one too.

The film follows the story of two girls who move to the country to be close to their ill mother. Soon upon the arrival, one of them meets a fuzzy forest spirit whom she addresses as Totoro.

This is where the journey only begins and becomes more intricate and complicated, so at risk of sharing spoilers we shall say no more. The movie was directed and written by Hayao Miyazaki and produced by Toru Hara. It clocks in at 86 minutes and features music by composer Joe Hisaishi.

The cultural importance of Totoro is huge, as the movie played one of the key role in spreading the magic of anime around the world. If it wasn’t for such classics as Totoro, Dragon Ball and Naruto, it is questionable whether the scene would have developed to such an extent.

And about three entire decades after, this feature is still praised and revered by fans and critics as one of the all time greats. Therefore, if you want to get really acquainted with the world of anime, checking Totoro out is a definite must. We recommend getting the DVD edition.


Overall, each of these three bad boys is worthy of the flattering title of the best anime in the world. They are significantly different from each other, though, and that is where you come into the picture.

So right now, you need to jot down your exact preferences and single out the show that suits your needs the most. Once that is out of the way, feel free to order the desired series and buckle up. It’s gonna be a wild ride, so enjoy it!

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